Water Features

I have built over 5000 water features in landscape project and poolside feature. So you could say I am a bit of a specialist in this area.

I can incorporate a stunning water feature added to your swimming pool and surrounding landscape. Our highest priority is ensuring that the water feature is one of the main features of your design.

The Sound Of Soothing Spouts

An ideal choice for most properties is the basic spout. Providing the subtle sound of water and movement without over-powering the atmosphere. You have the choice of wall spouts, decking spouts or simply a pot with a spout. Depending on the statement you wish to make, you may desire to go with some of the more ‘radical’ water feature choices available.

Replicating The Waterfall

As impressive as a sheer descending water feature can be, it can be overshadowed by excessive noise if the wind picks up. So, it is highly advisable to avoid them in a courtyard setting. The larger the sheer descent is, the more water they can spout out. Waterfalls need to be built directly on top of the pool wall in order for the water to make its way back to the pool, making them a splendid choice for raised walls. A perfect choice for a freeform, natural-looking pool is the beautiful rockery waterfall.

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