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Pool Construction

Marvel Pools concrete construction needs a foundation on natural soil ground and cannot sit in fill, so we take great care in assessing the natural ground and occasionally the engineer will request a soil test in order to complete integrity in the pool footings piers. Screw piles or bulk concrete may be required.

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Pool & Landscape Design

John Forrest, Owner and Director of Marvel Pools has extensive knowledge of pool design with a 20-year career in landscape and construction. Choosing the correct location for your pool is a very important part of the end result. Our aim is to construct a swimming pool that compliments your surrounding landscape and home.

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Pool Coping & Paving

There is such a large amount of natural stone products available in coping and paving. This process plays a vital part in the final aesthetics and atmosphere of your space. We make this process easy as our suppliers will come to your home with the full tile selection so you can match your colour scheme.

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Pool LED Lighting

There is nothing more magical than looking into your backyard and seeing a spectacular pool with an iridescent glow. Whether it’s a hot, balmy summer’s night or the middle of winter with steam rising off the warm water, with Spa Electrics LED lights your pool will look absolutely spectacular all year round.

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Water Features

I have built over 5000 water features in landscape projects and pool side features, so you could say I am a bit of a specialist in this area. I can incorporate a stunning water feature added to your swimming pool and surrounding landscapes. Our highest priority is ensuring that the water feature is one of the main features of your design.

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Pool Fencing

It’s so important for your material choice to complement your landscape as swimming pool fences can be constructed from a variety of attractive and durable materials.

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Pool Equipment

Marvel Pools for recommendations and professional advice for the best choice of equipment for your swimming pool to guarantee your swimming pool runs like a dream. We will supply and install all of your equipment, including a wide variety of options.

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Natural Fresh Water Pools

Naked Pools use a revolutionary freshwater sanitising and filtration system that transforms your backyard pool into a crystal clear, freshwater oasis.

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Pool Maintenance

Our full after-sales services at Marvel Pools helps to keep your pool looking as wonderful as the first time you swam in it, for many years to come. We provide everything from on-site water testing to equipment replacement.

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