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The Past

How we started.

Marvel Pools is an independently run company, based in Southeast Queensland. With over 20 years experience particularly in pool building, landscape and water feature design, Marvel Pools bring a sense of uniqueness and professionalism to each project, turning your backyard into your dream outdoor area. We specialize in a variety of offerings servicing clients across the Sunshine Coast.

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The Present

Where we are now.

After decades in the industry, Marvel Pools is confident to work with you and your size home. We will come to your house and assess the space to find the best fit and best result. Our team is dedicated to providing a product and a service of the highest quality, keeping you involved and apart of the process the whole way.

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Our Values





Safety & Quality





The Team

The ones who make this work.

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John Forrest

Founder and Director of Marvel Pools, John Forrest, brings 20 years of knowledge and experience to this industry, servicing homes of all sizes, producing a portfolio of beautiful results. John has received many awards for his outstanding displays including, winning a gold, silver and bronze three consecutive years at the flower and garden show in Melbourne, several SPASA awards and a gold medal award at the RACQ home show in Melbourne.

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