Pool Maintenance

Our full after-sales services at Marvel Pools helps to keep your pool looking as wonderful as the first time you swam in it, for many years to come.

We provide everything from on-site water testing to equipment replacement.

Servicing Equipment

Regal Pools carries everything from:

• Vacuum hoses
• Vacuum heads
• Brushes
• Leaf scoops
• Test kits
• Telescopic poles
• Skimmer baskets
• Vacuum plates
• Weir doors
• Valves
• Fittings and pipes

Along with all chemicals including:

• Algaecides
• Chlorine
• Salt
• Acid
• Buffer
• Clarifiers
• Flocculants
• Filter Sand

Repairs & Maintenance

Marvel Pools supply all your plumbing repairs, balancing chemicals, leaking pools, equipment repairs or replacement, chemicals, all equipment maintenance, sand changes, acid washes and in-floor cleaning services. Marvel Pools will quickly and efficiently look after all your pool maintenance.

Regular Servicing

Marvel Pools will supply you with regular pool servicing. We boast over 100 swimming pools on our books receiving regular services weekly, fortnightly or monthly, especially holiday homes should be maintained regularly. Although Salt Chlorinators have reduced pool maintenance, in-floor cleaning and fully automated pool cleaning can be controlled from your smart phone. Marvel Pools is here if you really desire a maintenance free pool.

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