Pool LED Lighting

There is nothing more magical than looking into your backyard and seeing a spectacular pool with an iridescent glow.

Whether it’s a hot, balmy summer’s night or the middle of winter with steam rising off the warm water, with Spa Electrics LED lights your pool will look absolutely spectacular all year round.

LED Brilliance

As a landscape designer, I believe that lighting is a very important part of the overall design aspects of your pool and garden. This can be achieved with under pool lighting or overhead reflective pool lighting. The garden beads and feature trees can also be uplit with soft lighting and spotlighting, this can be controlled by a central lighting app on your phone. With endless choices, you can have full creativity when choosing your pool lighting. At nighttime, the correct position of lighting can bring your pool and garden to life. Marvel Pools can assist your design, plan and install all your lighting choices during your pool construction. The ability to programme LED lights to change colour, allows you to create an atmosphere and set the mood of your pool setting.

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