Pool Equipment

Marvel Pools recommendations and professional advice for the best
choice of equipment for your swimming pool to guarantee your swimming pool runs like a dream.

We will supply and install all of your equipment, including a wide variety of options:

• Pumps
• Filters
• Salt chlorinators
• Freshwater systems
• Automatic fillers
• In-floor cleaning systems
• LED lighting systems
• Automated control systems
• Chemical dosing systems
• Water features


Marvel Pools recommend and uses high rate sand filters. The Hayward Pools range is our preference, with filters ranging from 21” to 31”. Pool maintenance is reduced by using Sand filters and with quarterly sand chances and regular backwashing, your sand filter guarantees your pool stays crystal clear. By law, your waste line must be connected to the sewer. Normal filter sand or glass media will filter your pool water even more delicately ensuring the water has that pristine sparkling clean appearance. Glass media only needs changing every 6 years and requires even less backwashing than sand. An alternative to sand filters that are usually used when there is not an available sewer, is the Cartridge filters as they do not require a waste line. Although cartridge filters need a bit more maintenance, as in the cartridges must be hosed down regularly to ensure long life, they do offer finer filtering of pool water than sand filters.


Here at Marvel pools, we offer a wide variety of pumps including the Hayward pump range. In order to get you set up correctly, we can recommend the right pump for your pool. Our range includes:

• Boster Heat pumps
• Filtration pumps
• In-floor cleaning systems pumps
• Spa heat pumps
• Spa jet pumps
We stock whisper-quiet variable speed pumps that use the latest technology, therefore saving your electricity costs by up to $600 per year.

Salt Chlorinators

100% of the pools built by Marvel Pools over the last 20 years have been salt chlorinated, aside from indoor pools. Salt chlorinated pools make your life easier by maintaining your pools chlorination levels and keeping your pool water crystal clear all year. Being fully automated and by using the self-cleaning units, where the salt cell won’t need cleaning, they only require very minimal levels of salt. So, the average size swimming pool will only use approximately $60 -$100 of salt each year. Hayward Pools make a number of units suitable for both large and small residential pools.

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