Pool Coping & Paving

There is such a large amount of natural stone products available in coping and paving.

This process plays a vital part in the final aesthetics and atmosphere of your space. We make this process easy as our suppliers will come to your home with the full tile selection so you can match your colour scheme.

Natural Stone

We typically recommend using natural hardwearing products – such as granite, travertine, limestone and sandstone, as these get fewer marks. We also recommend sealing all-natural tiles to prevent leaf stains and scuff marks. By far the most popular product on the market at the moment is Travertine – not only is it readily available, affordable and hard-wearing, but it can also be cut to any size and thickness. However, as with any product, there are good and bad qualities, so it is crucial to choose wisely.

Coping Options

We rarely use the old Coping style with a round bullnose edge. It is more likely that it will be square edged with a small aris that takes the sharp edges off. Drop face coping, although expensive is widely popular at the moment. Something that looks amazing on many properties is large format copying and paving. 610mm x 406mm is a common size for coping, whilst 400mm x 400mm is common for paving.