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Is Building a Swimming Pool Expensive?

How much can you spend to have your own swimming pool?

Summer is coming, so if you’re thinking about building a swimming pool in your backyard, now is the time to do it. When you start the project immediately, you will be sitting by the pool with a cocktail in your hand in a few weeks.

In most cases, building a swimming pool is similar to buying a car. You’re buying a car because you like its features. You’re also designing a pool with all the features you want. So, before you take the plunge, take these factors into consideration: 

How much are you willing to spend?

The costs of planning and building a pool is not cheap. When our client asks us how much a swimming pool costs, we tell them about the factors that affect the final price. The amount of money you’re going to spend will vary depending on the size and style of the pool, the site conditions, and the incorporated landscaping works. 

It’s normal to get an inkling that it might cost a bit more than you thought. But don’t lose hope and postpone your plans to build a pool yet. Always remember that you are in control of your project and the budget. 

Tip: Reducing the size of the pool will bring down the expenses. You can choose cheaper tiles, decking, or paving materials, but these will only help you a little bit.

In-ground or above-ground pool?

Choosing between an in-ground pool and an above-ground pool depends on your budget and the condition of the site.

In-ground pools are more expensive to build because the process involves excavation and waste removal. It is perfect for homes situated in states or regions where the weather is warm most of the year. 

For homeowners with a tight budget and site limitations, an above-ground pool will fit in. 

With a talented designer, you can integrate an above-ground pool beautifully into your backyard or outdoor entertaining area. 

Precast fibreglass pool or on-site sprayed concrete?

A concrete pool offers more design freedom. When you choose a fibreglass drop-in pool shell, your options are limited to the offers of the manufacturer. 

Tiles, pebblecrete, or paint?

Finish the pool to make it clean, safe, and easy to maintain. Cover your pool with tiles — either glass, natural stone, porcelain, or ceramic. Any of these will serve you well and will look great in your pool. 

Creative tip: Use a combination of tiles in your pool. Mix and match to get the best look.

Pebblecrete is another stunning and cost-efficient option for you. It is a mixture of pebbles and concrete, trowelled on the pool, then water blasted or acid etched to expose the pebbles. 

Pools can also be covered with epoxy paint — here, you have an endless choice of colour options.

Decking or paving?

Pools look more inviting when there’s an entertainment area beside them. Build a deck or establish an outdoor entertaining area on your patio. 

Choosing the right decking or paving material is crucial to this process. Know your options. 

Pool fence?

In our previous blog, we discussed how strict the laws are regarding pool fences. All pools in Australia should be surrounded by a child-proof fence. 

There are a lot of pool fences and barriers available in the market today. Some are made of aluminium, some are made from steel, but our favourite is frameless glass balustrades. 

Heat the pool?

If you live in an area/state with a temperate climate, heating your pool is necessary. You will use the pool more often if it’s heated. 

You can heat the pool using gas or electric pool heaters, but these are power-hungry. If you want something more sustainable, consider solar heating. 

All forms of pool heating work, but all of these are best considered when building a new pool rather than retrofitting it later. 

Pool maintenance?

Pools require regular maintenance to keep them beautiful, clean, safe, and inviting. It is not something that you set and forget. 

Before you build a pool, make sure that you are prepared to pay maintenance costs.

In the end, building a swimming pool is worth it.

If you look at the cost, building a pool is similar to buying a car. Once you own it, you can never get the money you invested back. 

But, it is a great addition to any family home. It makes the kids happy and keeps them active for hours. It gives adults a place to unwind after work or every weekend. Yes, it’s not cheap to build and maintain, but every moment spent here makes the investment worth it. 

Are you planning to renovate your outdoor space and build a pool this month? If you need help, contact us.

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