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How to choose the right tiles around your pool

Installing tiles around your pool is easy. Your pool builders can do that for you. Designing an outdoor area with a pool and choosing the right tile for the pool area is the hard part. 

It is crucial to get all the design details right. To help you out, we answer the nation’s most frequently asked questions about choosing pool tiles. Here, we give you everything you need to know so you can make wise buying decisions.

Ideal features of a pool tile

Before you head to the home improvement store to do some shopping, remember that your pool tiles should be:

Slip-resistant – Look for tiles with a P4-P5 slip rating for outdoor applications

Durable – The pool area is exposed to changing weather conditions and harsh chemicals. Opt for tiles that are made to last.  

Water-resistant – The area around the swimming pool is always wet. Opt for tiles that withstand high-moisture areas.

Cool under the sun – You don’t want tiles that become blazing hot under the sun. Choose light-coloured natural stone tiles such as travertine, limestone, or sandstone. These remain cool even if the scorching Australian sun beats down on them.

Low-maintenance – Outdoor tiles can withstand a great deal of exposure to the sun, wind, snow, rain, dirt, and other elements — but they still need regular maintenance. You need to clean, seal, apply grout, and reseal the tiles to extend their life. To save your energy, opt for large tiles that are easy to clean, maintain and have fewer grout lines.

Choosing natural stone tiles or pavers for the pool area

If you are going to use natural stone tiles around your pool, take note of these things:  

In case you need a tile to replace the ones included in the final plans – Double check with your designer first to ensure the tiles/pavers that you want to buy are suitable for your pool or alfresco. You can also get the tile retailer’s opinion. Ask if the tile delivers the same benefits as the tile on the original plan. 

Be careful when dealing with natural stone – Stones like marble, sandstone, and basalt look great in outdoor spaces, but these are very porous. These need extra TLC when you install them in high-moisture, wet, and high-traffic areas. Seal these to protect them from dirt, oil, and water.

Commit to regular maintenance – You need to reseal the tiles annually to keep them in good condition. Use a high-quality sealant with water-repellent properties. This is to protect the tiles from the elements. 


When buying tiles, follow the material and colour palette used by your designer. Consider the tones, textures, and materials found in your backyard. 

For instance, if you have timber decking and you want natural stone tiles, choose neutral-coloured stones (like travertine), for this will look well with the timber decking. 

Tile size

If you live in a traditional or period home, lay tiles in a classic French pattern or small cobblestone tiles in your backyard.

If you live in a modern or contemporary home, opt for medium-sized or large-format tiles and lay them in a clean, streamlined way. 

You can inject colours in your pool area using tiles too. Pick colours that are already in your backyard to ensure harmony between your pool and the garden around it. 

Trending tiles

We took a trip to different tile suppliers and found out that these are the most trending tile designs:

Timber-look tiles: These offer the look of natural timber and the practicality of tiles. Unlike real timber, these don’t warp, dent, or chip. It will take decades before you replace these.

Terrazzo tiles: These are one of the top choices of homeowners for their poolside area. It is warm, homely, and it offers a unique appearance.

Luxurious natural stone tiles and pavers: Travertine and limestone are the most popular choices for homeowners who are building a pool in their backyard. You will love its elegant, raw, and organic feel.

Tip: If your backyard or poolside area is uneven, use adjustable pedestal tile supports to level tiles and pavers and end with smooth, flat flooring.

Are you installing tiles around your pool?

Everyone will notice the tile around your pool once all construction work is done. Think about the tile that you’re going to use. 

If you need help designing an outdoor space with a pool, contact us. We can help you create a stunning alfresco area that you and your family will adore. Get in touch with our senior design consultants today and get a free quote

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