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Expert tips on designing a small swimming pool

One quintessential feature of a perfect outdoor space is the swimming pool. Our weather plus the people’s love for the beach are only some of the reasons why a pool is intrinsic to Aussie homeowners. But, building a pool today is not as easy as it was before. Today’s plot sizes are smaller, and a lot of homeowners are asking designers whether it’s still possible to fit a pool in their compact backyards. 

Yes, and you can design a small swimming pool.

In most cases, yes, you can fit a small pool in a small yard. It is possible thanks to the improved pool technologies and the effort of designers to produce creative designs. 

At Superdraft, we believe that size doesn’t matter. We all judge a space, whether it’s appropriately designed or not. Only three things matter form, function, and aesthetics. When a small pool in your small garden looks good and functions well as a whole, you will love it. 

Kids will have fun playing in and around it. Adults will be happy to entertain their friends and family here as well. 

Before you build…

There are lots of things to consider when building a pool in a small space. A great designer will take a look into the technical elements first before taking on the aesthetics. They will consider the requirements regarding:

  1.  Engineering 
  2.  Function
  3.  Building compliance
  4.  Boundary requirements
  5. Fencing regulations
  6. Neighbouring property protection works
  7. Town planning
  8. Excavation process

The swimming pool regulations vary in every state. It is highly recommended to study the swimming pool regulations in your area.

Building a swimming pool in a small space is a major construction project. Here are our tips to successfully plan and build your swimming pool in a small yard:

Seek the help of a designer. 

Small spaces are more challenging to design because every centimetre counts. Mistakes are noticeable, but if your design and construction team nails the project, you will end up with an outdoor space that you’ll love for decades.

Go for concrete

There are two types of pools available in the market: the prefabricated pool made from fibreglass and on-site poured concrete. Both have pros and cons, but as designers, we are in favour of concrete pools in small yards.

Concrete offers design freedom when it comes to shape and size. It is more suited it small and tricky sites. 

But, building a concrete pool is more expensive than installing a fibreglass pool.

Fibreglass pools are more affordable and quicker to install. These often come with comfortable spa seats.

However, your designer needs to ensure that the end result of using these off-the-shelf pools fulfils the fencing and compliance requirements in your state. They need to design the structural features surrounding the pool (e.g. retaining walls) as well.

Transporting the fibreglass pool is also a prime concern. You need a crane to transfer, move, and position the pool on site.

Your preferences and your budget will tell you if you should push for a concrete or fibreglass pool. Ask your designer about the possibilities and opt for the most tangible way to go. 

Think about proportions

A great designer knows the balance of scale and proportion. When planning your pool, make sure that it fits in the space perfectly. It should look like it belongs there. It must not dominate or get lost in the area.

Position it near the boundary.

The best location for a pool in a small yard is near the boundary. Do this to keep the other side clear and open for entertainment. 

Expert tip: Allow at least 1000 millimetres of space between the site boundary and your pool to avoid damaging your neighbour’s assets. 

In this Byron Bay Home, a retaining wall with non-climbable tall plants sits between the boundary and the pool.

Do not over-design it.

Less is more, so try to keep things simple. With a skilful and talented designer, you can add tasteful and exciting design features like a decorative wall, small fountain, waterfall, etc.

There is so much to consider when designing a swimming pool in a small outdoor space. But, with proper planning, you will integrate the pool with the surroundings. The outdoor area will enhance your lifestyle. You will create lifelong memories here. 

No matter the shape and size, a swimming pool is a worthy investment. In fact, nearly 2.7 million Australians lived in a house with a swimming pool in the last quarter of 2018, and the numbers are expected to go higher in 2020.

Are you planning to renovate your outdoor space and build a pool this month? If you need help, contact us.

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