Pool Construction

Concrete pools need a foundation on natural solid ground and cannot sit
infill, so occasionally the engineer will require a soil report in order to complete structural design. For the sake of structural integrity pool footings, piers, screw piles or bulk concrete may be required.

How Long Will My Build Take?

The process of constructing a pool typically takes 3 – 6 months dependent upon the scale and of the build, the technical difficulty, the products needed and most ultimately how swiftly the client decides their pool design, for eg. Tile selection and surrounding area materials. Once we begin on site excavating, the expected wait time to get the pool to the concrete shell stage is approx 1 – 2 weeks. Before any tiling can begin and depend on the size, design and the weather a 2 – 4-week curing time is necessary. Normally this will be when we get your solar heating and pool equipment installed, then run the pipes back to the plant room.

Do I Need A Building Permit?

Yes, and allow 3 – 4 weeks’, to obtain your building and engineering permit, from the time of signing. This will also depend on how difficult the engineering that is required and perhaps other factors like proximity of easements, the proximity of your neighbour’s property, existing buildings and trees.

When Can My Pool Be Filled?

Due to industry regulations, we won’t be able to fill your pool until the pool fence has been constructed, along with any surrounding boundary fences. This usually means that your landscaping job will need to be completed first. Every pool build has its own unique circumstances and builds time can depend upon other site works i.e. new house build, renovations and backyard make-overs. Once we discuss your project with you, we can give you a more precise time frame.

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